Enamel and Metal Work

Enameling, an ancient art, is the fusing of small particles of glass to metal. There are various types of enamel such as lead-free and lead-bearing. I only use lead-free enamels in my work.

Vitreous enamels are composed of glass and pigments to produce color. There are transparent, opaque, clear and opalescent enamels and a wide assortment of techniques to create texture, form, and color.

  • Sgraffito, the scratching of a wet layer of enamel design to expose the layer of enamel beneath it, is fired in a kiln multiple times.
  • Charcoal pencil drawing on the enamel with a transparent layer on top, is fired in a kiln.
  • Application of 23K gold foil or silver foil applied in layers to original enamel pieces, with transparent enamel sifted to the top, is fired in a kiln.
  • Liquid enamels are painted onto the surface of previously fired pieces.

Pieces framed in metal, are usually sterling or bronze.



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